Where Preschoolers Love to Learn . . . and Learn to Love!



Open Enrollment for the 

2021-2022 School Year Has Begun!

Preschool programs for children

ages 3 and 4

Agapè Children's Center is Warrenville's longest established

preschool . . . 46 years and counting!

At Agapè, we know that how a child feels about himself or herself as a learner will make a big difference in academic success and success in life.

Because of this, we base our programs on the philosophy that children learn and blossom through creative play and through knowing they are

loved and valued!

Agapè Children's Center offers three program options for your child. 

  • 3 year old program: Tuesday and Thursday 9:00-11:30am
  • 4 year old program: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:00-11:30am
  • 4 year old program: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 12:30-3:00pm

Our highly-qualified, experienced, and loving teachers nurture each child's budding and tender spirit. Interwoven seamlessly throughout each unit are two teaching approaches:

  • preparing children for Kindergarten and.. .
  • letting children know that they are deeply loved and valued. 

Student Teacher Ratios are kept BELOW the state requirement

to provide the highest level of individualized attention for your child!

Call 630-393-4205 for more information